misdirects: (pic#10226738)
Kuroko Tetsuya ([personal profile] misdirects) wrote in [community profile] swan_forest 2016-08-09 05:50 am (UTC)

It's strange seeing Kise display signs of nervousness. Kise, the popular teen model, basketball prodigy, bastion of confidence, getting nervous talking to a friend?

Just another moment more and Kuroko understands why. Kise's confessing.

To him.

Kuroko blinks, because surely, this is a dream. Receiving a confession is already deemed impossible in his books, but to receive one in such circumstances...

"Oh," he says lamely, speechless for the first time in forever. If Kise looks closely enough, he can see a light dusting of pink on Kuroko's cheeks. It takes him another moment to gather his thoughts, a small frown gracing his lips.

"I apologize... I can't return your feelings."

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