misdirects: (sideeye step)
Kuroko Tetsuya ([personal profile] misdirects) wrote in [community profile] swan_forest 2016-07-07 05:11 am (UTC)

Kuroko's a sweaty and tired mess, like he is after every match, but it's a good sort of tired— the kind that sinks into his bones in a pleasantly warm way. He always enjoys playing against Kaijou, whom Seirin looked forward to even the score with, given their very first practice match and subsequent rivalry. (He'll never tell Kise, but he thinks their teams suit each other in a strange way.)

He looks over at the call of his name, a bit surprised as he expected the other team to be well on their way. Kuroko hasn't taken a towel like the others headed for the locker room, instead wiping some of his sweat away by pulling his jersey up.

"Oh, Kise-kun. Is something wrong?"

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