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Unrequited Love?

Kaijou and Seirin had just had their first practice match, which was shaping up to be a tradition of sorts. This time, Kaijou had gone to Seirin. The gym was nice, newer then Kaijou's but maybe not as big. 
He was breathing heavily, but smiling broadly. It always felt good to play, even if it was just a practice match and they weren't going all out. After all, he wanted to keep some of his new tricks up his sleeves, just like he was sure Kagami and Kuroko were hiding some of their new tricks too. This year's match had ended in a draw. Better than last year's practice match, which had ended in Kaijou's loss by two points.  
Just thinking about Kuroko made Kise look over to the Seirin team, focusing in on the smaller boy. 
For awhile now Kise had realized that he had feelings for Kuroko. Kise had looked up to Kuroko for awhile, but it wasn't really until after the Winter Cup that Kise realized he was probably in love with Kuroko. 
He took a towel that one of the first years offered him. "Thanks," he said absently. He scrubbed at his face, his thoughts racing. He had been thinking about Kuroko a lot lately, and seeing him only brought those thoughts back to the surface, only pushed aside when the game had begun. Now with the game over he couldn't focus. The warm glow in his chest that came whenever he thought about Kuroko was back with a vengeance.
The Kaijou team was gathering their things and getting ready to board the bus. He told the first year that he'd be along in a bit and began to head over to the Seirin team. 
"Kurokocchi~" he called out. No time like the present, he thought. He didn't know if Kuroko would return his feelings, but he was hopeful. The time Kuroko had cheered him on while he went up against Haizaki stood out in his mind. 
"Kurokocchi! You got a minute?"
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"Ah, alright. Give me a moment."

He catches up with the rest of his teammates and tells them he'll be a moment, so they don't worry, and grabs a towel as well. Kuroko wipes off some more as he makes his way back to Kise's side, still a bit breathless from their game.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about?"
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It's strange seeing Kise display signs of nervousness. Kise, the popular teen model, basketball prodigy, bastion of confidence, getting nervous talking to a friend?

Just another moment more and Kuroko understands why. Kise's confessing.

To him.

Kuroko blinks, because surely, this is a dream. Receiving a confession is already deemed impossible in his books, but to receive one in such circumstances...

"Oh," he says lamely, speechless for the first time in forever. If Kise looks closely enough, he can see a light dusting of pink on Kuroko's cheeks. It takes him another moment to gather his thoughts, a small frown gracing his lips.

"I apologize... I can't return your feelings."